- Urns Factory: Elekta authorized exclusive distributor for North American market including the US, Canada and Mexico -

Exclusive design

“After all, a work of art is not realized with ideas, but with hands"

Pablo Picasso

Respect for Individuality is fundamental

There are no limits to the realization of custom designs


Elekta Collections veneers are FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council). The FSC label indicates that the wood used in the production of veneer wood originates from sustainably managed forests according to strict environmental social and economic standards.FSC_logo


Elekta Collections are projected, handcrafted and packaged rigorously in Italy through the selection of exclusive raw materials coming from Italian factories. A choice that guarantees the realization of luxurious objects, reflection of a National identity known and appreciated all over the world for the accuracy of the manufacture.


Elekta was born in Sorrento, cradle of the Inlay ancient art.
Our Creative Dept will suggest avant-guarde solutions for companies interested in handcrafted uniquely made articles.
With full respect for the meticulous Inlay technique, Elekta customized collections are created by our high skilled artisans, who hand-cut thin pieces of wood, hand-place them together into the design and finally apply them to the surface of the box.

About Us

We are a group of young people with different educational and professional paths who, with entusiasm, have decided to share their own experiences and a sincere passion for MADE IN ITALY.
Elekta’s Collections are a Young brand characterized by the right balance between manufacturing skills and innovative designs and shapes.
The leading role has played by the wood. Colours and Depth are then added to the warmth and naturalness of the wood to create an object even more rich in details and personality.
The urns are internally lined with an Italian soft velvet and they are provided with a removable tray… a precious chest to store important contents.

  • Crafted with love

    Passion colors everything it touches

    Balthasar Gracian

  • Contact us

    E-Mail: info@elektaitaly.com
    Address: Via I trav San Michele, 3 – 80063 Piano di Sorrento (IT)
    Phone: 0039.0818088143
    Mobile: 0039.3664390209
    VAT: 07963171215

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