"Tradition does not mean to look after the ashes, but to keep the flame alive"

Jean Léon Jaurès

The workshop is the place “where creation begins”, where ideas are crafted into beautiful objects by the hands of high skilled carpenters.

Production phases:

  • Elekta design veneer collections and Inlay customized designs are applied on the box surface. It’s a delicate phase. To avoid risks of bubbles, ripples or seam separation we use a particular glue that requires careful mixing and long term press.
  • An accurate lacquering process that involves applying a minimum five layers of liquid varnish and sanding between each coat is necessary to give the box a sophisticated glossy and “mirror” effect.
  • With full respect for the meticulous Inlay technique, Elekta inlaid collections are created by our high skilled artisans, who hand-cut thin pieces of wood, hand-place them together into the design and finally apply them to the surface of the box.
  • An accurate quality control procedure aims at preventing shipping of defective products to build and effectively create the desired level of craftsmanship.

Elekta design veneer collections

The wood veneers used for Elekta Collections are sourced from responsible and sustainable forestry management in full compliance with the environmental biodiversity.
Oak, wenge and rosewood are harmonically combined with sophisticated veneers obtained according to a special production process: wood is “peeled” off controlled-origin species logs, dyed by immersion in non-toxic dyes and then “reconstituted” by overlapping the dyed sheets to form a new log.

Respect for the environment

Elekta Collections veneers are FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council). The FSC label indicates that the wood used in the production of veneer wood originates from sustainably managed forests according to strict environmental social and economic standards.FSC_logo