Like a dandelion we leave our seeds flying free in the wind. The flying seeds will face challenges and surprises. Their hesitation will vanish allowing for faith and wonder once they discover the magnificence of the world.

The seed leaves, arrives, grows, blossoms and leaves again… the same way we do in our lives.


Dandelion Urn

The lightness of the inlaid dandelion enhances the urn with delicacy and enchantment.

With full respect for the meticulous Inlay Technique, the Dandelion design is created by high skilled artisans, who hand-cut thin pieces of wood, hand-place them together into the design and finally apply them to the surface of the box.

The precision of the inlay and the elegance of the hand painted touch meet to create an art work.

The Dandelion box can be personalized adding inlaid initials or personal thoughts which remain indelible forever.

Dimensions: 8 3/16″ w x 8 3/16″ d x 8 15/32″ h | 20,8cm w x 20,8cm d x 21,5cm h
Weight: 7lbs, 7.93 oz.| 3,4 kg
Capacity: 220 cubic inches | 3600 cm³

The sophisticated “mirror effect” of the box is achieved through an accurate lacquering process that involves applying a minimum of five layers of liquid varnish and sanding between each coat. The interior is lined with soft Florentine velvet. Each box is provided with a removable tray, a Certificate of Authenticity and a dust-bag.

Additional Information
*Additional trays may be added upon request.

Interiors are lined with soft Florentine velvet by certified artisans and can be provided with removable trays suitable for a variety of personal keepsakes, letters, jewelry and watches.


Additional trays: removable watch tray / removable jewelry tray for jewelry and cufflinks

removable_watch_grey_tray removable_cufflinks_grey_tray

The refined silver and black combination of the packaging adds glamour and a chic touch to unique and timeless products

  • Cleaning: use a 90% alcohol solution or a glass cleaner and wipe gently with a soft cloth
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or heat to prevent discoloration
  • Avoid placing your product on rough surfaces to prevent scratches