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Pet Cremation. What you may or may not want to know

Pet Cremation. What you may or may not want to know Source: www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/all-dogs-go-heaven/201201/pet-cremation I recently read this article finding it beneficial and I would like to share it with all the people who love animals as I do. This is just food for thought… “My friend Sara lost her 14 year old dog Finn recently. […]

Celebrity deaths 2018 – which famous faces have died this year? From Avicii and Dale Winton to Verne Troyer and Emma Chambers

Source: www.thesun.co.uk IN 2018 so far the world has said goodbye to some of its most famous stars from the world of sports, entertainment and television. Here we take an opportunity to remember the much-loved figures who are no longer with us. PA:PRESS ASSOCIATION 14 Geoffrey Hayes was best known for presenting Rainbow alongside loveable […]


Source: www.funeralwise.com Queen Elizabeth’s Eulogy by The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey EULOGY OF QUEEN ELIZABETH, THE QUEEN MOTHER Presented by The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey “We gather in this great Abbey to mourn and to give thanks. It is a fitting place to do so, a place where the story of our […]


https://safepassageurns.com Finding a place in your home to keep the cremation urn is important if you plan on keeping the urn displayed for a long period of time. Many factors will determine where you want to display your urn to commemorate the loss of a loved one. WHERE TO DISPLAY YOUR URN Some of the […]

List of countries by cremation rate

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is a list of countries by cremation rate. Cremation rates vary widely across the world with some countries like Japan, Nepal and Thailand having a rate over 95% while other countries like Italy, Ireland and Poland having less than 10%. Factors include culture and religion; for example, the […]

Elekta Pet Urns | ELEKTA ITALY

Elekta concept behind our pet  urns design is to create something that can bring you a smile to your face. Something that can remind you of the joy and love that you shared with your precious pet. The colored bells and the heart and bone can be engraved or replaced with the ones used by […]

Elekta Keepsakes Cremation Urns Collections

Elekta created a sophisticated Keepsake collections that can represent your loved one in a way that is fitting to their unique spirit and personality. They will help you to remember your loved one and all of the special times you shared. Elekta Keepsakes are small sized cremation urns. These urns will hold only a small amount […]


Elekta is pleased to announce the launch of the “Art” Urn Collections. Precious cremation urns addressed to people interested in uniquely made article. With full respect for the meticulous Inlay technique, these collections are created by high skilled artisans, who hand-cut thin pieces of wood, hand-place them together into the design and finally apply them […]


Elekta is pleased to announce the launch of the Premium Urn Collections. Refined wooden urns whose design is very sleek and modern. Simplicity at its finest. The sober two-coloured combination of glossing lacquered design wooden veneers and the iconic cubic and rectangular shapes are the formula of their success. Interiors are in mahogany and they […]


The rendezvous with the leading exhibition for the funeral industry is in Bologna on 1.2.3. April, 2016. A new not-to-be-missed 3days meeting for 16.500 professionals gathering from 55 countries. On show 200+ exhibiting companies for a unique 23,000 square meters display of products and services. Quality, Novelties, Updates and Business are waiting for you!